When Child Protective Services makes the difficult call to remove a child from their home in order to keep them safe, it can be a very unsettling, scary experience no matter the age of the child.

The child leaves with the clothes on their back and belongings that fit in a trash bag or backpack. Their environment quickly becomes a strange car, emergency vehicle, conference room, or office space while caseworkers find a family member or foster home to care for them.

The process of placement can take from a few hours to three days.

The Light House exists to provide crucial resources and a safe and welcoming environment that will reduce the trauma and anxiety caused when a child transitions into the foster care system.


The Light House will be centrally located to serve Denver Metro Area counties and will be outfitted with the comforts of home. It will provide immediate, temporary housing for children in the early stages of fostering, kinship and adoption.


We partner with caseworkers and local law enforcement to ease the challenges of removal by meeting urgent needs such as new clothing, bedding, food and hygiene products. It will include a dedicated work space for caseworkers to pursue long term placement.


Our screened and trained volunteers will care for each child’s immediate needs so they experience a soft landing that offers rest, play and hope. Volunteers will help with classes to reduce anxiety, process anger, emotion expression, and self-defense.


The Light House Denver is a place where community members can contribute their time and talents to make a BIG impact for the kids in need in our city.

It take a village to raise a child, especially children in need.  We hope you will consider helping us.