Theraputic Art Class

Some foster / kinship children struggle with expressing their emotions especially the big ones. Some of this is due to not having a working knowledge of emotions. In Art therapy, children will learn how to express their feelings with art. They will also be using sensory to help ground those feelings. This is open to all ages.


Does your child struggle with self esteem and they need to get their power back from their past? This class will focus on building up the self by showing them how to defend themselves as well as get exercise and an outlet for big feelings. All ages are welcome!



In this class, we will explore the cooking world and show children how to cook / bake basic dishes. Working in the kitchen allows children to use grounding techniques to help them feel better with stresses by using all their senses. This class is also good to help with food issues that many foster / kinship children have. They may feel more confident if they are the ones making their own meals. Due to the nature of the class and equipment, this class is only open to teenagers at this time.


Accounting and financial experts will be teaching teens how to balance a bank account, what is a 401k, why saving is planning ahead, and will answer any questions kids may have on planning for their financial future.  We will also include life hacks for laundry, cooking, cleaning, and various tasks needed to use as an adult on their own.  

Friday Night HANGOUT

Are you a foster/adopted teen that wants a safe place to hang out with other foster teens?  At Saturday hangouts, we can have fun in a safe environment while getting to do things like karaoke, minute to win it games, and in depth talks about life and struggles with those who understand what you’re going through.  


Kids Movement Class

Does your child struggle with regulation or may just need some tools on how to calm down when they are stressed? This Movement class will help them learn to breathe deeply, and release some of the pent up stresses of their day to day life. Children will also be able to get in touch with their bodies that they may have turned off. This is open to all ages.

Interested in teaching a class or volunteering?

Wether you want to help teach or help with running of the classes, please let us know.  We would love the help and the kids need more content to help them in different ways.  We can always discuss new ideas for classes!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Do you want to sponsor a child to do a class?

All our classes are free for foster/kinship/adopted children, but there are costs for supplies and locations to do the classes for them.  If you would like to help support a child, please click the button below and donate to help.